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Buy paving business and join the leaders

When you Buy Paving business and join us, it would be one of the most important decisions you would have made to improve your finances. We will train and nurture you throughout the long relationship that we would embark on, for the mutual benefit of both you and us. We have an impressive list of 3,200 franchisees and counting, they carry our mantle proudly and we are happy to have each of them aboard. Our relationship is long lasting and we continuously train and motivate them in new and modern techniques in conducting our business.

A Paving Franchise from uswould place you on the top of everyone else in the business within the territory allocated to you, as we are the best and you would be one from the best. We will train you to face all challenges confidently and motivate you to remain the best within your territory. We have an impressive record of having the 3,200 franchisees, leading the way in every territory that they represent. We are a very strong family and you would join the leader in Home services, in the world and that is something to talk about.

Areas where there is a possibility of dropping or spilling liquid, the solution is to install Permeable floorings, this would easily drain the liquid away and prevent slippery floors, which could be dangerous to users. We have led the way in Paving for many years and carry an impressive record, and you would be joining hands with the leaders in Home Services, hence your optimum commitment is envisaged.

We will train you in the latest techniques adopted for Paving, any lengths of Driveways. Our workmanship is of the highest standards and carries very comprehensive warranties, hence it is imperative that all work executed sets the standards that we are spoken of always.

You would as a franchisee undertake Spray Paving, Coatings, and Permeable paving among others on our behalf, for which we will provide the required training.  Paving ofDriveways will also be a part of your impressive portfolio that we would allocate to you. All work undertaken by you will be completed to the highest standards that we are reputed for. We will not compromise on the quality of our workmanship.


Window tinting saves energy

Our energy costs, especially electricity, increase during the hot summer and coldest winter when the ambient and indoor temperature indicators rise or fall as the case may be, in the thermometer.

In summer when the ambient temperature rises we would need to proportionately adjust the air-conditioning indoor unit to comfortable limits. This is due to the fact that the high ambient temperature has a direct bearing on the indoor temperature too.

This may be for many reasons, but one important aspect could be heat and glare blazing through the windows into your home or office. If this heat and glare could be reduced and a substantial amount of heat from the outside prevented from finding it’s way into your home or office, your indoor air-conditioning unit need not be adjusted to very low temperatures.

Reducing the setting of your indoor air-conditioning unit would require the outdoor unit to increase performance to attain the efficiency required to achieve the set temperature inside, which would relatively increase your electricity costs.

The answer to this very pertinent question would be a simple call to Jim’s the expert Home services provider in Perth in particular and Australia in general. With more than three decades of service to the nation we would find a ready and easy solution to any of your woes dealing with your home, and reducing the internal heat is just one.        

Jim’s Home window tinting Perth would visit, assess your problem and work out the required solution for you, at very reasonable and competitive prices. Using window tinting film sourced from reputed manufacturers around the world we offer you value for money.

Our Office window tinting Perth offer would be irresistible because what you spend on your office windows for tinting, you would save manifold on energy savings. Cutting down heat and glare would also make all those inside more comfortable and increase efficiency in performance.  

Car window tinting Perth gives you a very comfortable drive when the hot summer sun, bears down on your vehicle. The inside of your vehicle will be a very much cooler and also easy to the eye when inside after we have completed our window tinting job. You will also increase fuel efficiency with the air-conditioning performing at optimum level and make substantial savings. 


Creating a vibrant job market

Sri Lanka is not saddled with problems like those encountered by other countries. After the end of the bloody terrorist war, we could safely call this country a safe place to live, engage in decent jobs, raise a family or enjoy a well deserved holiday.

There has been a substantial increase in tourist arrivals and Sri Lankans could confidently look forward to more opportunities for new jobs, especially in the tourism sector, which is one of the fastest growing with many new job vacancies opening up.

Another area that is also recording growth is the construction sector with the government liberalizing ownership of lands by foreign entities for development, and an increase in Sri Lankan jobs could be envisaged.

Rakiyawa the number one “shop for jobs” has many jobs in Sri Lanka under their belt and are looking for suitable applicants to help fill these vacancies.

Some of the best jobs that are in our pipeline would suit well qualified and experienced candidates as we are in need on above average individuals to fill these top jobs.

To succeed in a top job that we have on our database we invite personalities already in a top job Sri Lanka who could fill the shoes of their predecessor easily to bring new direction to the conglomerate.

These topjobs are specially selected by rakiyawa and only suitably qualified candidates would be shortlisted for selection.

These are some of the high end best jobs with lucrative remunerations and some interesting perks on offer. Hence it would be appreciated if your detailed cv with a covering letter detailing your strengths and a short description of your personality is forwarded at the earliest.